Speak-Out Contest


WHAT:   Prepare a speech of approximately 5 minutes on an important issue facing you, our community, our State, or our Nation.

WHEN:   Monday, March 9, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the regular meeting of the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Lions (Cumberland Congregational Church, 282 Main Street, Cumberland).

Winners will receive cash prizes of:

1st place = $75.00 , 2nd Place = $50.00, 3rd Place = $25.00

This program provides an opportunity for Greely High School students to think about and express their ideas publicly about important issues facing them & their community, State or Nation.

Club winners will go on to compete at the regional and district levels for cash awards.

What a great way to practice your public speaking skills & win cash!

Students should contact Mr. Curry or Mr. Livingston, GHS teachers, for more information.



Section 1: Purpose of Contest

To provide an opportunity for high school students to:

Think about important issues facing them & their community or State

Organize their thoughts & ideas into a logical sequence, namely a prepared speech

Express their ideas publicly & defend ideas when questioned

Section 2: General Regulations

The Lions Club Speak-Out will be co-educational

The contest is open to any high school student who is in full-time attendance (i.e. not a part-time student) in high school and who will not be nineteen (19) years old on December 31 of the contest year.

All speeches are to be approximately five (5) minutes in length.  Speeches that are shorter than four (4) minutes or longer than six (6) minutes will be penalized one (1) point for each ten (10) seconds or portion thereof; e.g. 2 seconds over (or under) -1 point, 13 seconds -2 points, 33 seconds -4 points, etc.

The speeches should in no way indicate where the speaker is from – school, community or state

At the Club level, a script may be prepared.  Except for quotations, however, the contestants may not read from the script.  Points will be subtracted for excessive reading.  At the Regional and District levels, the contestant may take only notes to the speaker’s stand/podium.

Immediately at the conclusion of the speech, each contestant will be asked two (2) questions; one (1) from each questioner.  These questions should be worded in such a way that they require not merely recall of information, but rather some reasoning or application of knowledge of the subject.  Points will be awarded not only for the answers, but also for the way the contestant handles the questions.

A panel of three (3) judges and two (2) questioners will be provided at each level of the Contest.

In all contests, speakers will be assigned numbers, which may be drawn by the contestants, by lot just prior to the Contest. Contestants will be introduced by number only.  The contestants will be introduced by name & school affiliations after all have spoken and the judges have retired.

A suggested score sheet and judges checklist shall be given to the judges.