Charter Night

Charter night is our season ending grand finale event. We welcome a Maine State Lions Club District officer to help us install the newly elected officers and King Lion for the next Lions year. Special honors are bestowed upon the Lion of the Year, the Citizen of the Year, and the Business of the Year. This is a celebration of and for our club and community; wives, husbands, or special-others are encouraged to attend this banquet and have an exceptional time.

Lion of the Year

2019     Jean MacBride
2018     Lou Caruso
2017     Dave Carlson
2016     Joe Kumiszcza
2015     Glen Spoerri
2014     John Chandler
2013     Mike Shaw
Citizen of the Year

2019     Carolyn Small
2018     Jason Raven
2017     Coach Rob Hale
2016     Brian Bickford
2015     Penny Asherman
2014     Bruce Wildes
2013     Wayne Thompson
Business of the Year

2019    Martha Grover-Lambert
            A.H. Grover, Inc.
2018    Ronald Copp, Sr
            Copp Motors
2017    John Sr & Jr & Pam Ames
            Ames Farm Center
2016    Mike & Bubba Smith
2015    Mark Fortin
            Food Stop