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2016 Community Service

Linda Brewster and Marilyn Matthews spoke at our October 10, 2016 meeting about their 2016 mission trip to Guatemala.

Linda Brewster lives in Cumberland, is a Family Nurse Practitioner, owner of Royal River Family Care in Yarmouth. She recruited seventeen people from varied backgrounds to form the April 2016 team. She completed Theological Seminary and is the pastor at Tuttle Road United Methodist Church in Cumberland, the UMC organization across the US organizes several mission trips per year to assist people who have little resources and where government does not provide much in the way of assistance.

Linda has been Marilyn's doctor and friend for twenty years, and encouraged her for some time to join a mission trip as part of Salud Y Paz. The teams welcome anyone who wants to help, medical background or training are not prerequisites, training in pharmacy, lab work, triage, etc. is all provided. It is a challenging, yet rewarding thing to be involved in. Linda brings her full heart to these efforts, and organizes one or two trips per year!